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Morgan Health


Morgan Health is focused on improving the quality, equity and affordability of employer-sponsored health care in the U.S.


As a strategic investor, Morgan Health is using capital from JPMorgan Chase balance sheet to help drive meaningful improvements in the affordability, quality and equity of health care offered by employers. The team prioritizes non-control investments focused on long-term growth and collaboration.

Our Investment focus areas include:

  • Care Delivery: Primary care focus on value-based, affordable and/or convenient care.
  • Priority Conditions: Solutions improving cost, quality and/or access in areas such as mental health, women’s health, musculoskeletal, cardiometabolic.
  • Analytics & Enablers of Advanced Medical Care: Infrastructure advancements in analytics, interoperability, diagnostics, physician support.
  • Pharma Services: Solutions targeting medication adherence, pharmacy benefit management, precision medicine, or specialty pharmacy.

Morgan Health’s first investment in Vera Whole Health – and its subsequent investment in Castlight – will help us begin to scale the accountable care. We plan to deploy Vera’s services to our employees in Columbus, Ohio, this year. Morgan Health also completed an investment in health care analytics company Embold Health, which will help facilitate how consumers access the highest-quality care available.


LetsGet Checked


In September 2022, Morgan Health invested in LetsGetChecked. The global health care solutions company provides clinical tools to conveniently and easily manage patients’ health from home. LetsGetChecked’s vertically integrated platform supports the full spectrum of patient care, providing direct access to diagnostic testing, genetic insights, virtual consultations and medication delivery. The global company offers a complete end-to-end solution for patients with access to more than 100 laboratory panels and personalized treatment plans. In addition, physician practices and virtual care providers can integrate LetsGetChecked’s services directly into their workflows to meet the increase in demand for at-home care.



Centivo Logo


In July 2022, Morgan Health announced its latest investment in Centivo, an innovative provider of health plans for self-insured employers built to address health care affordability for employees and their families. Centivo’s model is anchored around relationships with leading accountable care providers with a proven track record of delivering high-quality, cost-effective care. Centivo works to align incentives between these providers and self-funded employers through timely access to care, affordable and predictable costs and outcomes-based compensation for providers tied to quality and cost-effectiveness.


Embold Health Logo


In March 2022, Morgan Health invested in Embold Health. The company offers real-time, transparent and actionable data on provider quality to employers, employees, health plans and health systems. Its data analytics and insights help address a persistent challenge in the move towards greater adoption of value-based models in the commercial market – the lack of transparent provider cost and quality data for evidenced-based primary and specialty care.



Vera Health Logo


In 2021, Morgan Health invested in Vera Whole Health in August 2021. This investment will not only bring Vera’s primary care services to Columbus, OH to help improve access to health care for our employees and their families, but it will also help build a strong coordinated care model.  

In January 2022, Vera announced the subsequent acquisition of Castlight, a health care tech company that will ultimately help support Vera mission by improving patient outcomes, reducing health care cost and expanding access.