Technology for Social Good

We all know technology is a powerful tool. Technology can transform nonprofits, helping them to work smarter and achieve more. However, for many nonprofit professionals, technology is a source of confusion and frustration. As part of our commitment to giving back to our communities, Technology for Social Good is a firmwide program focused on harnessing the technology strength and skill of our employees and partners to develop solutions that can benefit the social sector.

Technology for Social Good supports local nonprofits and socially responsible businesses through various initiatives. We have several programs which help connect the needs of the social sector to our staff of skilled technology volunteers. The in-kind technology assistance provided by our teams affords organizations the opportunity to reallocate funds to other efforts that support their missions.

Since 2010, over 120,000 staff hours have been volunteered — having collaborated with over 1,500 organizations.



Below highlights a few of our programs:
Code for Good Challenges

Force for Good

Digital Guestbook

Youth Coding

Tech Warehouse

The King Center Imaging Project

Technology for Social Good. A program of JPMorgan Chase & Co.