J.P. Morgan Social Finance was launched in 2007 to serve the growing market for impact investments, meaning those investments intended to generate positive impact alongside financial return. There is growing recognition that innovative business models can complement limited public sector and philanthropic resources by delivering market-based solutions to social and environmental challenges in a sustainable and scalable way. The business is dedicated to serving and growing this nascent market through:

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Principal Investments: Investing J.P. Morgan capital in impact investment funds with the dual objective of achieving both positive impact and financial return.

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Thought Leadership: Building a dataset for the impact investment market and publishing analytical research for investors.

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Client Advisory: Serving investor and issuer clients through:

  • Structuring and Placement of impact investments products to clients
  • Client coverage of impact organizations and the broader international development field

Commitment to the Impact Investment Market


As a global company, we believe that we have the responsibility to use our expertise and resources to invest in our communities and to help them address the social and environmental challenges they face. For example, many communities at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP) lack access to government services and often pay high prices to procure basic products and services from private sector providers. Impact investments can address this by harnessing more efficient, competitive business models to deliver better, cheaper and more widely-available services to low-income and excluded communities around the world. Impact investments can complement government and philanthropy by providing goods and services to these communities, thereby allowing government and philanthropy to concentrate their resources on reaching the poorest communities who cannot participate in market-based solutions.


Beyond being the right thing to do, addressing social and environmental challenges also fosters the economic growth that is core to our business as a global financial institution. As such, we view the impact investment market as a business opportunity and we facilitate growth by:

Investing J.P. Morgan's own capital in impact investment funds, which seek to improve the livelihoods of low-income and excluded populations.

Building our market-leading research franchise as a public good.

Using our investment experience and research expertise to respond to demand from our clients for impact investment solutions.

Client demand

The client demand for these products and services comes in many forms:

Traditional investors are eager to utilize their capital for development aims alongside investment returns.

Philanthropists are looking for more sustainable capital utilization.

Institutions want to devote more resources to promoting sustainable growth, responding to stakeholders demands.