Our Pledge to Military Families

Our Pledge to Military Families

We will provide funds to support military veterans and their families, focused in areas like employment, education and housing which are designed to help veterans and their families succeed after their service has ended.

"We are honored to join with other leaders to support our nation's veterans and military families as they transition to civilian life," said Peter Scher, head of corporate responsibility for JPMorgan Chase.

Our commitment is a part of a larger effort known as the Philanthropy Joining Force Impact Pledge which is uniting philanthropic leaders across the country to provide military families with $100 million in grants and programs through 2019.

The pledge builds upon the firm's longstanding commitment to veterans.  In 2011, JPMorgan Chase partnered with 10 other companies to launch the 100,000 Jobs Mission– which, as of November 11, 2014, has grown to over 170 companies and  has hired 190,000 veterans  since launch. 

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