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New Foreign Direct Investment Planning Process from Global Cities Read Report »

Nations and the Wealth of Cities: A New Phase in Public Policy – Addresses how national governments can better support their globalizing cities and highlights that cities are vital engines of economic development and competitive advantage, using current UK city policy as a case study. (PDF) Read Report »

Metro North America – Offers the first-ever analysis of production and trade among North America's metropolitan areas and identifies the continent's top metropolitan trading relationships. Read Report »

Ten Traits of Globally Fluent Metro Areas – Introduces concepts of global fluency and provides metropolitan leaders the tools to better succeed in global markets. Read Report »

Metro-to-Metro: The Goods Trade in Metropolitan America – For the first time, measures the goods that cities trade. Includes trade balance profiles of the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. Read Report »

Metro Freight: The Global Goods Trade That Moves Metro – frames a toolkit for public and private leaders that will help them work in tandem to craft a better freight and trading environment, highlighting the significance of trade to metropolitan economies. Read Report »

Export Nation 2013 – Provides data to help metropolitan leaders understand their unique qualities and demonstrates the strong export performance that has led the U.S. toward economic recovery. Read Report »

Beijing as a Globally Fluent CityRead Report »

Global Metro Monitor 2012 – Economic growth data for the largest 300 metropolitan economies worldwide. Read Report »

Metro Brazil – Economic growth data for Brazil's 13 largest metropolitan economies. Read Report »

Global Gateways - International Aviation in Metropolitan America - First of its kind data on the flow of international passengers in and out of the largest US metropolitan areas. Read Report »

Demand for H-1B Immigrant Workers (07/18/12) Demand for H-1B Immigrant Workers. An analysis of the geography of H-1B visa requests by metropolitan area between 2001-2011 Read Report »

Locating American Manufacturing. (05/09/12) - Detailed manufacturing-related statistics by metropolitan area Read Report »

Export Nation 2012 (03/08/12) Detailed export-related statistics by metropolitan area and state Read Report »