Board Committees


Principal Board Committees and Membership

Audit Committee   James A. Bell
Crandall C. Bowles
Laban P. Jackson, Jr. (Chairman)
Compensation & Management Development Committee   Stephen B. Burke  
Lee R. Raymond (Chairman)
William C. Weldon
Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee   Stephen B. Burke
Lee R. Raymond
William C. Weldon (Chairman)
Public Responsibility Committee   Linda B. Bammann
Crandall C. Bowles (Chairman)
Timothy P. Flynn  
Risk Policy Committee   Linda B. Bammann
James S. Crown (Chairman)
Timothy P. Flynn
Michael A. Neal


Other Board Committees

In addition to the above committees, the Board has one Stock Committee and a Board-level Executive Committee.

The Stock Committee consists of James Dimon. Its authority includes the declaration of dividends, authorization of the issuance of stock within Board-approved limitations, administration of the dividend reinvestment plan and implementation of share repurchase plans in accordance with Board-approved capital plans.

The Board-level Executive Committee consists of Crandall C. Bowles, James S. Crown, James Dimon, Laban P. Jackson, Lee R. Raymond and William C. Weldon. It may exercise all the powers of the Board that lawfully may be delegated. The Board-level Executive Committee was established with the expectation that it would not take material actions absent special circumstances.